Welcome to the House of Play

At Fun Works, we’re serious about play. And we’re playful about learning.
So come over to get powered by play

Inside Fun Works it’s giggles and wide-eyed wonder everywhere you go. Discover two floors jam-packed with attractions that have never been seen before in the region! There’s adventure rides, a giant soft play area, learning workshops, toddler playgrounds and much more. We have everything from customized school field trips, themed kids’ parties, kid-friendly dining options and a quiet parents lounge too. 

So come to where children can play to their hearts’ content, let their imaginations run wild, and feed their curious minds. Come to where everyday is a play day for kids and adults too! 

At Fun Works, we’re serious about play. And we’re playful about learning. So come over to get powered by play. 

My Works

Play isn’t just about being active. It’s about working those brain muscles too! We call it playful learning and it happens at My Works, the workshop section at Fun Works. At My Works, our mission is to awaken children’s curiosity so they can explore this wonderful world we live in. In small-group sessions, kids will meet our adorable little worklings in their choice of ten interactive workshops that teach them everything from cooking to construction. They will save the world with Super Works and Recycle Works or explore hands-on activities with Energy Works, Clever Works and Shop Works. They can show off their creative talents in Art Works and Show Works, or create their own masterpieces in Bake Works, Build Works and Car Works. In each pavilion, we use different methods of interactive learning to reach kids of various levels and ages. Through analysis, problem solving and decision-making components, kids will have the chance to use and improve their cognitive skills. Pavilions are also designed to help kids expand their creative thinking capacity and feel more comfortable in social situations. Kids will finally have the fun, nurturing environment to help them grow up to be the best they can be. Whoever said learning was boring surely never came to My Works! Admission tickets sold at My Works entrance.

Art Works

Every child is an artist and every artist loves Art Works. Here kids will use a variety of tools, from color palettes to craft paper, to let their imaginations run wild. They will explore their creativity at the giant-sized canvas called the Masterpiece, a collection of all of our kids’ artwork. Then they will create their own designs and make them come to life inside the kaleidoscope projector!

Bake Works

Bake Work's kitchen is a fascinating place for kids, where our well-trained in-house chefs help them prepare their own healthy meal and snack through easy step-by-step guides. They can learn the technicalities of making new recipes and discover the stories behind the origin of each meal. They will also realize the importance of hygiene and cleaning up throughout the process. Cooking will be so much fun, down to the very last crumb!

Build Works

At Build Workskids can step into the shoes of construction workers and create cityscapes with puzzle pieces and forklift. Brick by brick, they can build up to 2 story towers. They will discover how a plumbing system works, how water moves through different pipes and where it is used. There will be exciting session on construction gear too!

Car Works

It's time to start your engines! With the help of Car Works, kids will learn about different car parts, customize their own mini cars and race them too! But that’s not all, because they will find out first-hand how the dynamics of weight and slope affect speed. Vroom, vroom!

Clever Works

This is for all the Little Sherlocks out there. Kids will become prime investigators in an exciting mystery alongside their partner, Clever Works. Kids will use detective tools to examine clues, make observations, and solve the case.

Energy Works

Come prepared to energize your body and mind! Energy Works is an exhilarating experience for kids, with a range of activities that help them learn about energy, the application and types of energy - kinetic and potential. They will also discover how energy can be transformed from one form to another. Kids will create and use energy all on their own with hands-on interactive exhibits. From catapults and slingshot games to electric circuits and steam trains, kids will love experimenting with energy.

Recycle Works

The planet is in trouble and it needs our help! Recycle Works will share ways on how to live a greener life and make better choices. Kids will learn about reducing, reusing and recycling so they can learn how to be environmentally sustainable. In a fun simulated activity, kids will be cleaning up the desert and ocean. They will even be collecting and separating plastic, metal, paper and glass all by themselves!

Shop Works

It's shop o'clock! Inside a mini supermarket, kids will transform into real-life grocery shoppers. With a shopping list and a trolley in their hands, kids will be able to compare prices, weigh ingredients for recipes, and pick healthy and organic options.

Show Works

Kids will turn into big stars here with the help of Show Works. Script reading, role playing and working with lights and cameras will allow kids to produce as well as perform a full-length play for their friends and family. Whether they’re acting onstage or working backstage, the show must go on!

Super Works

It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No, it’s Super Works! Where he’ll train kids to become superheroes and save the world. Kids can customize their very own digital superhero outfits and characters before playing an interactive virtual reality game. Video footage of the kids’ adventures is recorded as take-home souvenirs.

Birthday Party

Life is one big party for kids at Fun Works, where they can enjoy it to the max.

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Rides and Attractions

Fun Works offer attractions for kids to make their experience the most fun and unforgettable. Kids of all ages will have a wonderful environment to play their hearts’ out. Rest assured your kids will never get bored, as the two floors of Fun Works are jammed with so many fun, crazy, exciting and fascinating attractions. From amazing rides to swinging up in the air, exhilarating twists and turns and many more!

Powercard Packages

At Fun Works, you can load any amount onto your Powercard and play! For more value of what you pay per play, we have created customized Powercard packages.

All packages includes VAT.

Terms & Conditions

  • AED 3 will be charged for every powercard load below AED 150
  • Cash credit will be valid for a period of 6 months from the date of last swipe by the customer
  • Cards once charged/ recharged cannot be refunded
  • Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice
  • Landmark Leisure Management decision on usage of packages will be final

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